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Tickets are listed below with choices of VIP, General 3 day admission and Friday, Saturday, Sunday day pass. Please note all sales are final no refunds. Must be 12 and older but all minors must be with legal guardian.


VIP includes seating in the first 7 rows. It also includes parking by the school. It also provides 36hr notice on workshops and investigations before rest of tickets. Vendors and Speakers. $169.00 + Fees.

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General Admission includes all 3 days. It includes the speakers and vendor access.  $ 139.00 + Fees

Friday day pass gives you access to Friday only. It includes the speakers and vendors.

                  $75.00 +Fees


Saturday day pass gives you access to Saturday only. It includes speakers and vendors. 

                  $75.00 + Fees


Sunday day pass gives you access to Sunday only. It includes speakers and vendors.

                  $75.00 + Fees

Sheboygan Asylum Tickets for Friday and Saturday investigations with us and some of the speakers which are Dave Schrader, Lyle Blackburn, Sara Lemos, Jeff Finup, Richard Estep, Austin Maynard, Nick Simons. Tobias and Emily Wayland, Barnaby Jones, Kristina Bloom and more. cost is $ 89.00 each for three hours. Times are 7 to 10 pm or 11 pm to 2 am. Tickets link below.

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Adam Berry will be hosting tours at the Sheboygan Asylum September 21st and will host tours at the Convent, School, and church in Jericho on September 22nd and 23rd. Tickets below.

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